Xenon poison in Chernobyl core - Sneak Peak

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Xenon gas poisoning of the Chernobyl core was a central factor in its blowing up. Xenon is a powerful neutron poisons and can suffocate the chain reaction if not managed properly. This gives you some idea of what it looked like.
This is a sneak peak of my next video. Why did the AZ-5 detonate the Chernobyl unit 4.

Xenon gas is a by-product of the splitting of the uranium atom. Iodine gas is released with fission. Six hours later the iodine degrades into xenon. Xenon is a powerful neutron poison. The Chernobyl reactor was undergoing a shutdown but the shutdown was paused at 50% for hours. In that time a xenon overload built up in the reactor. This overload was a key factor in the disaster.
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