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Block out the noise and get lost in my vocals
Cold to the touch as my eyes turn to opals
Rescue the planet I got a proposal
Tell all the peasants to kill all the nobles
Burn it all turn this shit into Chernobyl
Live off the grid and delete all your socials
Who would’ve thought I would turn to a mogul
Started small now you could say that I’m global
I control them like a Roku
Stare at the moon and go ape like I’m Goku
Funny how they be acting when they know you
It’s a game of numbers like Sudoku
I done glitched out of the matrix
I done lagged out of certain conversations
We all feel worthless just face it
Fuck getting famous it’s purpose we chasing

Came in this bitch just to do what I do
Don’t fuck with us but we don’t fuck with you
Well get you done in a day and you thru
No place to hide to escape from the truth
One day you’ll die so it’s all up to you
I keep on working like it’s coming soon
Look at the time that you wasting you lose
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