Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns & Nuke News May 9th 2021 - Atomik Chernobyl

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FEATURE: Fukushima flower grower ready to make Tokyo Olympics bloom , Yukari Shimizu, who grows flowers in Namie a Fukushima town that was once entirely off-limits due to the serious nuclear accident https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2021/05/df62456a24ec-feature-fukushima-flower-grower-ready-to-make-tokyo-olympics-bloom.html

Interventions now necessary at Chernobyl after Re-criticality further nuclear fission reactions have unexpectedly increased

Chernobyl alcohol drink Atomik seized by authorities ,growing food or crops for sale in the 4,000 square kilometre Chernobyl exclusion zoneis currently illegal on "officially contaminated land". Stupid Portsmouth University Prof Jim Smith say they have "no idea" why the shipment was seized.

Atomic Energy Licensing Board says Malaysia committed to complying with obligations regarding radionuclide emissions https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2021/05/06/atomic-energy-licensing-board-says-malaysia-committed-to-complying-with-obl/1972215

'Goodwill' money from proposed nuclear waste site pours into declining Ontario farm town. What if it stops? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/nuclear-waste-disposal-site-teeswater-south-bruce-1.6013827

To meet climate targets, White House eyes subsidies for nuclear power

World’s 15 Biggest Ships Create More Pollution Than All The Cars In The World , with 90,000 of those ships on th eocean at any given time it is equal to 45 trillion people worth of polution so how is a nuclear power plant going to mitigate that ??

Nuclear reactions are smoldering again in Chernobyl

Los Alamos National Laboratory Seeks Light Laboratory Space For Lease Within A 50-Mile Radius

Creepy Climate expert Jean-Marc Jancovici fabricates why he thinks France should keep nuclear power at the top of its energy agenda https://www.connexionfrance.com/Comment/Opinion/I-am-an-ecologist-and-believe-in-the-power-of-nuclear-says-climate-expert-Jean-Marc-Jancovici

Montana double agent Governor Greg Gianforte signs bill pulling plug on public vote for nuclear power , HB 273 was sponsored by Rep. Derek Skees, R-Kalispell

What Happened To Nuclear Power? by Zachary Robinson sounds like it is written by the perpetual scum bag Rod Adams

Sprott’s move into uranium signals world is waking up to nuclear and a new ‘bull market’
By Robin Bromby https://smallcaps.com.au/sprott-move-into-uranium-world-waking-up-nuclear-new-bull-market/

Massive Carbon polluter Aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis arrives in Va. for four-year overhaul , involves replacement of expended nuclear fuel with new fuel

Is there a nuclear option for halting global heating?

Nuclear power plant near Richland shuts down. 1,400 workers from across nation get to work

Massive fire breaks out near Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant

Fire breaks out at Iran chemical factory hours after media reports of massive blaze near Bushehr’s nuclear power plant https://tinyurl.com/26tmf7tv

N3B: Los Alamos Interim Measure To Control Contaminant Plume Beneath LANL Reaches Full Operation https://ladailypost.com/n3b-los-alamos-interim-measure-to-control-contaminant-plume-reaches-full-operation/

3 More Gray Whales Found Dead In San Francisco Bay

About 170 endangered seals found dead on Russia’s Caspian coast

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