Fukushima 50 isn't trying to be Chernobyl, but I kinda wish it was - Movie Review

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Entry 95.2: Japan Cuts is still going, and if you're in the US and interested in seeing some cool Japanese movies, it's really your best option right now. Tickets are available here: https://japancuts.japansociety.org/

This is my second short review of things that I've seen that I had particular feelings about, and gosh do I have a feelings about nuclear power... Thanks, college!

(That flash animation is played at 2000x speed; fortunately, I believe the original audio is lost to time, because it was just real creepy tbh.)

I bring up nationalism in this video, and I think it's important to add that if an equivalent catastrophe took place in the US, the Hollywood movie about it would be just as reticent to blame the systems that allowed it to happen as Fukushima 50 is. Chernobyl is only as good as it is because it is about a different part of the world that the US loves to dunk on. But because it exists, every other nuclear disaster story will be seen through its lens. That's not fair, but neither is the world.

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