Countdown at White Sands - Vintage Film

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Countdown at White Sands is a 1959 U.S. Army film depicting the missile development and test activities conducted at White Sands, New Mexico, for decades. The film is both a look back at the technology of that era, and the film-making styles of the day. The background music is postwar modern industrious science; the narration is in the eloquent style of the era. The film shows the intentional destruction of two unmanned remotely piloted drone QF-80 jets, used as high-altitude test targets. Also depicted are several ground impacts by missiles in the safety of the test range. Work such as this at White Sands has perfected the military defenses of the United States. Filmed in color, portions of this movie have exposure irregularities of unknown origin.. We endeavored to enhance the exposure where possible, but that can be a tradeoff with additional artifacts introduced into the picture quality. Please sit back and watch this slice of time from the Airailimages Channel on YouTube. And please give this video a Thumbs Up. It really helps us. Here is a link to another vintage test film from the Airailimages Channel:
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