Chernobyl 1x04 "The Happiness of All Mankind" reaction & review

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Hey everyone!!! Here's my reaction and review of episode 4 of Chernobyl! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh this is the one that broke me guys!!! To everyone who warned me to restock Sad Unicorn: THANK YOU!!! The main storyline continues to get more and more interesting, as we learn more about the actual truth behind the reactor model's history, and Boris starts to reach his limit. However, it's the other two storylines - the animal control one, and the ongoing story about the firefighter's wife - that absolutely broke my heart in this one!!!!!! :'( I had a feeling there would be some bad repercussions to the baby, but to think she absorbed ALL the radiation....I wouldn't even think it was possible!!! And the poor boy who has to start hunting the radioactive animals...!!! I AM NEVER EVER COMPLAINING ABOUT MY LIFE AGAIN YOU GUYS!!!! One more to go...enjoy! ~ MH
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